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Abercorn 1878-79

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Abercorn 1888-89

Abercorn were formed on the 10th November 1877,  barely two months after St.Mirren. However it is widely believed that their first match was not played until 16th February 1878. This was a match against St.Mirren, the first of many ‘Paisley Derbies’. This first match was a one-sided affair, Saints running out 7-0 winners. Abercorn played several more matches over the coming weeks and by the end of March 1878, were again up against Saints. This time they gained a credible 0-0 draw.  The Abbies had arrived! The first competitive match between Saints and Abercorn was a Scottish Cup match on the 23rd October 1880which St.Mirren won comfortably 4-1. Over the years there were only ten national meetings with Abercorn, two Scottish Cups and eight league meetings, St.Mirren just edging things 5-4, with one draw. Tragedy was to strike during a friendly match between the clubs on New Years Day 1892 at Underwood Park, when Saints James 'Daddy' Dunlop fell on a piece of glass and died later in hospital from infection. He was only 23 and was already an internationalist. A sad loss to the game.

The final meeting between the teams was a Paisley Charity Cup match during Abercorn’s final season in 1920, Saints taking the honours 2-0.

Complete head to head results
Date Competition StageVenue Result
23/10/1880Scottish Cup Blackstoun Park4-1
31/05/1884Paisley Charity Cup FinalWestmarch0-3
19/09/1885Scottish Cup Blackstoun Park0-2
24/03/1888Renfrewshire CupFinalCappielow2-2
14/04/1888Renfrewshire CupFinal ReplayCappielow4-1
23/03/1889Renfrewshire CupFinalCappielow2-3
1889-90Paisley Charity CupFinal 5-4
1889-90Renfrewshire CupSemi FinalUnderwood Park1-6
20/09/1890First Division Westmarch 4-2
24/01/1891First Division Blackstoun Park1-5
1890-91Renfrewshire Cup2nd Round 2-2
1890-91Renfrewshire Cup2nd Round Replay 1-0
19/09/1891First Division Blackstoun Park1-1
13/02/1892Renfrewshire CupFinalCappielow 1-2
27/02/1892First Division Westmarch0-3
24/03/1892Paisley Charity CupFinalUnderwood Park3-5
1892-93Renfrewshire CupSemi Final 1-0
17/09/1892First Division Westmarch4-0
04/03/1893First Division Blackstoun Park2-1
09/06/1894Paisley Charity CupFinalWestmarch10-0
1895-96Renfrewshire Cup2nd RoundLove Street4-2
19/09/1896First Division Love Street4-2
24/10/1896First Division Blackstoun Park2-3
1904-05Paisley Charity CupFinal 1st LegRalston Park3-1
1904-05Paisley Charity CupFinal 2nd LegLove Street0-1
26/04/1910Renfrewshire CupFinalLove Street2-0
30/04/1910Renfrewshire CupFinalRalston Park1-1
1911-12Renfrew Victoria CupFinalRalston Park1-1
30/03/1912Renfrew Victoria CupFinal ReplayLove Street1-2
1912-13Paisley Charity CupFinal 1-2
13/05/1916Paisley Charity CupFinalLove Street0-1
1917-18Renfrewshire CupSemi FinalLove Street3-0
1917-18Paisley Charity CupFinal 3-0
15/05/1920Paisley Charity CupFinalLove Street2-0