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After the succesful Notts County match, the Saints party traveled to Santander to play a couple of matches against North Spain select sides. 

On the journey from Barcelona to Santander, the party were on a train which had stopped at a wayside station. Their interpreter had left the train to seek refreshments, and the players had removed their boots and socks and opened the carriage doors to cool off, when they were approached by members of the Spanish Civil Guard.
The men began to gesticulate and were becoming increasingly irate, eventually raising their rifles to their shoulders, causing slight panic amongst the Saints party. It was then that someone had the idea to show them the trophy and a football. This had the desired effect and the Guards backed off. When the interpreter returned, it was explained that it was deemed ‘indecent’ to remove footwear in public and that the Guards believed the team to be ‘vagrants’! Thankfully all was resolved and the team were able to continue on their journey to Santander, socks and boots firmly in place!.

The first of the games in Santander was won by three goals to two, although they had to endure some strange refereeing to gain the victory.

In the second match, again, some strange refereeing was the main talking point.
Saints were leading 2-0 in the second half when the select team were awarded a penalty, which was duly converted. Nearing the end of the match, a second penalty was awarded to the Select team- but this time Jock Bradford saved the kick and maintained Saints 2-1 advantage.
When the 90 minutes were over, Saints players protested to the referee that he should end the match, but he kept play going and even when Saints began to leave the field he pleaded with them to return to the field and complete the match.
They duly returned, but the referee continued to add more and more time on to the end of the game.
 Eventually in the TENTH minute of time added on, with the score still 2-1 to Saints,  the Select team were awarded a third ‘soft’ penalty, and took advantage to score (though requiring a rebound after Bradford had saved the kick!) and even the match at 2-2.
The final whistle went immediately afterwards!

North Spain Select 2 St Mirren 3

Hamilton, Birrell,
Clunas, Duff, Leslie,
Lawson, Gillies, Walker, Stevenson, Thomson.

Scorers: Duff, Clunas, Stevenson
North Spain Select 2 St Mirren 2

Hamilton, Findlay,
Clunas, Barclay, Birrell,
Lawson, Gillies, Walker, Dodds, Leslie.

Scorers: Walker, Dodds

From Santander it was on to Gijon and a match against the local team which was won comfortably 7-3, with Walker grabbing six goals. The following day Gijon gained revenge with a 4-1 win, but Saints were not too down hearted by this and were able to reflect positively on a magnificent tour.

St Mirren 7 Gijon 3

Scorers: Walker 6
St Mirren 1 Gijon 4

Scorers: ??
Unfortunately we have so far, been unable to find complete details about the Gijon leg of the tour.

Dunky Walker